Student Testimonials

"Mana is very informative and experienced. When I took her course, I was attending Esthetician school and was taught briefly about lash extensions, so I was amazed at how much extra I learned from taking her course. I love that she offers a lifetime mentorship and strives at guiding students in the right direction to being successful."

- Lillian Vasquez

Student Reviews & Pictures of their work

"The best instructor hands down! Made sure we all were feeling comfortable with what we were doing and physically guiding us"

Student Reviews & Pictures Of Their Work

"I learned so much valuable information about lashing and marketing by taking Mana's lash training ! The best part about her class is that she will answer any questions you have and help you along your lash journey "

Student Reviews & Pictures of their work

“I love Mana’s class because she really cares about her students success. She’s really hands on during the class and really wants you to do your very best. She also tells you marketing tips that’s are extreme helpful to grow your lash business. Also, if you ever still need help you can always text her and she will respond back with any questions you have.”

My name is Imana & I am the CEO of Beauty By Mana LLC. I am so excited you chose us to assist you on your journey to become a Lash Artist !

Welcome to my virtual lash extension training! I started my lash journey in Atlanta, Georgia 5 years ago as a freshman in college. I was looking for a side hustle to make extra money as a broke college student. I saved approximately $75 out of every check I made working at a restaurant & took a lash class. I practiced developing my skills everyday & eventually I was able to gain over 1000 clients through monetizing my social media !

Once I grew my clientele, I started a product line & began teaching classes !This made it possible for me to turn a service into a business with multiple sources of income. The lash industry is a billion dollar industry, so when people say that the industry is over saturated, that just isn't true. My business reached six figures during the pandemic, so there is room for you to become a successful lash artist in this industry. Therefore, lashing is a recession proof buisness. You must be consistent & properly market your lash services & the sky's the limit to the freedom that being a lash artist can give you !